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Brussels is such a peculiar place. Apparently it has more bars than any city in Europe. Unfortunately we are here at a bad time. All of the clubs were only open on the weekend and we didn’t make it out on Saturday. We did have some waffles, some frites and mayo, and our fair share of chocolate. They also love taking these flavored shots. You order on a rack of 6 or 12. It’s like drinking a shot of sugar, yikes! They also have these little outdoor market type things where you can buy a huge variety of things. From oysters and champagne, to jaeger shots and brats, to foie gras and African Bracelets. No matter what they are selling people seem to ignore the cold and wet weather, focus on the important task at hand…drinking.

Amazing center square in Brussels. They have the Christmas lights shining on all of the Medieval style buildings. It was a really cool experience to see!

The beers here are awesome! We went to the Delirium Cafe, home to the most beers in the world. At some points, they have 2500 different beers. Ironically, we had a green beer made from cactus. It was awesome! Like a lot of places, this is a major tourist trap at this time. We’ve done a good job avoiding most of that. The food pictured was from our first night and was traditional Belgian food. Tilapia with mashed potatoes and a Steak stew. It was a small local place, with friendly service and awesome food.

We had no idea what we would find in Brussels but it has been awesome. We had some Belgian waffles today and they were great. After we walked around and saw some pretty cool buildings, gardens and vistas. I’m ready to crush some Belgian beers and the Delirium Cafe. It holds the Guinness work record for most beers!
Ciao ciao

Bar none, the most sophisticated hangover cure anyone’s ever had. In preparation for this trip I made a huge list of restaurants. Of course I didn’t make it to a single one.
When fate happens, you immediately recognize it. I went for a walk alone last night to have a drink. After stumbling down 26 small roads wandering aimlessly, there in front of me was Le Comptoir. One of the restaurants on my list…. I sat down, had some charcuterie, some Sancerre and read my French book I don’t understand lol. I was sitting alone and met an awesome girl from Sri Lanka. Paris is such a melting pot and I love it.
I decided to return today for lunch to cure my excruciating hangover from the night or early morning previous. It was one of those 6am type deals. I allowed Lariss to come this time :). We got the second to last table outside and I traditional Parisian fashion, we were crammed in like sardines. Thankfully we were seated next to a woman who spoke English and French and could read the menu. She gave me some of the best advice when I said I wanted to eat something exotic. I ordered my 30th glass of Sancerre of the trip to start the meal. We saw amazing dishes coming out one after another. The kind that your neighbors are all taking pictures of upon arrival. This shit is amazing. If not for the gnarly hangover I probably wouldn’t have been able to wait and I would have snatched my neighbors oyster. Finally our food arrived and I was extremely pleasantly surprised. The bone marrow was slathered in so many things that I had no idea about. Who the hell knows what it was but it was such a festa em minha boca. After, came Lariss’ calamari. It was one long tube haha and it was stuffed with vegetables from the countryside in France. The whole thing, covered in the squids ink. Like always she crushed the entire thing in 2 minutes, without a breath I believe. As recommended by the British lady with the Russian royalty hat, I got the pied de porc. Pigs feet of course. Talk about the classiest hangover cure. All the meat from the pigs feet pulled off and cooked to perfection com muito fat! It was so savory for the first time in Paris, I left some food on my plate. The salad as mashed potatoes that accompanied, both perfect. I was in food coma heaven. Of course i didn’t want it to end but all good meals must. I threw back an espresso and Lariss had a coffee creme brûlée that was super yummy lol. Perfect food, amazing atmosphere, and the best company I could ask for. It’s all over now but will be a memory that will bring me back to Paris many times to come. Many many times.

I am ver thankful to have stayed with Marie. She was a great host, she cooked every day we were with her. We had homemade French cooking each day. The French are very culturally different than the people in the US and I like it a lot. After each meal, you have cheese and bread. After that, something sweet and some coffee. Hmm, I love the bread here…. How will eat at home!?? It will be a travesty to eat the junk I always find myself eating.

The market in Paris is amazing. I think Paris is my favorite place in the world. They have cheese, fish, meats and of course fruits and veggies. They have so many varieties of everything but mostly of cheeses. I bought Brie with truffles!!

Even though the fish smells, it’s a welcomed smell. For lunch we will have edives, with ham, Italian cheese and ham.